Feline Parasite Prevention

Parasite prevention in our feline friends often gets forgotten or neglected, as we tend to see less parasite issues in these guys than their canine counterparts. Not only this, but the vast array of options available now on the market place can cause confusion and result in owners giving up!

Cats, in general, do not tend to have issues related to heartworm, however intestinal worms and external parasites (mainly fleas in Victoria) can cause many issues for our companion cats. Although cats that spend time outside are more likely to run into creepy crawlies, we still see issues with fleas and worms in our indoor cats. Parasites can be transmitted by bugs such as moths and flies in the house, as well as rodents and even by us bringing them back in on our clothing and shoes! Just because a cat stays indoors doesn’t mean they are safe from parasites.

As cats are often tricky to tablet, we recommend using a monthly spot on product that will provide protection against the main problem parasites. Advocate is our product of choice as it is the most complete product we currently have on the market.

Alternatively three monthly intestinal worming tablets (Milbemax) are available which can be used in combination with topical flea products (such as Advantage) or a 6 monthly injectable flea preventative (Program).

Please feel free to come in and chat to one of our team about your feline friends parasite preventative program!

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