Just like humans, your pets are likely to require medications throughout their lifetime, be it preventative or for treatment of illness. The clinic pharmacy stocks a wide range of medications at all times and we are able to order in more specific drugs as required for your pet. As with human medications, we are required to adhere to strict guidelines and requirements of stocking and prescribing medications. It is important that the veterinarian determines the therapeutic requirement for any prescription medication and as such please do not be offended should we request a consultation. As with a human physician, we cannot provide over the counter prescriptions or medications.

Long Term Medications

Many of our beloved pets may require daily medications for life. To ensure the process of obtaining this medication is as easy as possible, please be aware of the following requirements:

  1. Much like people with long term prescriptions, the AVA has regulations regarding ongoing prescription medications. We are required to have physical examinations and discussions with the owners regularly. We require all patients to be examined at least 6 monthly for continued prescription of medications
  2. Many of our medications can cause issues with internal organs and blood cells when used long term. Regular blood testing is often recommended for those on long term medications
  3. When you are running low please call the clinic to arrange further medication and/or consultation with our veterinarians.

These guidelines are recommended by the Australian Veterinary Association. We have your pet’s best interests in mind and follow these guidelines closely.

Compounded Medications

There are many medications that are not commercially available in the veterinary world, or are not available in appropriate preparations or strengths for our companion animals. We utilise the skills of compounding pharmacies who are able to make up personalised medications for your pet!

If your pet is requiring regular compounded medications it is very important to call well in advance (one week is ideal) in order for us to ensure you receive your medication before you run out!

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