Below, you can read some comments from our fantastic clients who have brought their pets in to see us at Toorak Rd Veterinary Clinic for many different reasons.

We sincerely appreciate the trust you place in the staff here at the Clinic and we are consistently striving to ensure you and your pet always receive the best veterinary care possible from us!

Could not speak highly enough of this business. After a fall our nearly 13 year old dog was limping badly. His regular vet was “too busy”. Other nearby vets were unable to take him. Enter Di and her lovely staff at Toorak Road Vet Clinic. Warm, caring, efficient and thoughtful. They took great care of our dog, and didn’t “over service” with add-ons and extras. Just great service delivered with kindness. They have a new client for life.
Owner of Tom
My three dogs have been treated at Toorak Road Vet Clinic over many years. I could not be more pleased with the care, attention and professionalism of Di and her team. We trust and respect the advice we have been given about our dogs. Recommend highly!
Owner of Lucy and Shylo
Excellent team, top quality care and surgical skills. Our dogs have been so well looked after by Di and her staff, for two very different surgeries, and we could not ask for better care, courtesy and professionalism. Thank you!
Owner of Atticus
Our dog Louis has had ongoing issues with his ears since he was young. This included countless infections which over time, failed to respond to any treatment permanently, leaving Louis with both ears constantly infected. Not only was this awful for Louis but also costly for us. When Di suggested Louis undergo surgery to reconstruct his ear canal, I was initially quite hesitant and doubtful anything would work well. Louis was also 10 years of age which added to my hesitation as I was uncertain I wanted to put him through invasive surgery. Eventually, with Di’s wonderful support, we made the decision to tackle one ear at a time to see if it was effective. We were also faced with the prospect of permanent damage occurring to Louis’ ears if we didn’t intervene soon. Louis coped exceptionally well with the surgery. He didn’t appear to experience any discomfort or pain and recovered quickly despite his age. Post recovery, Louis has not experienced any infections since which convinced us to operate on his other ear. Louis no longer experiences ear infections. We’ve noticed that if we bump into him, he doesn’t wince or cry anymore as his ears are no longer a source of pain for him. I couldn’t recommend this surgery more to those dogs that are suitable. Not only does the dog not have to suffer and endure the ongoing pain of ear infections, but we as owners are not having to manage his ears, medication, and regular trips to the vet.
Owner of Louis, Spoodle
My retired racing greyhound Roy was treated like royalty when he had his teeth done! Dental disease is a chronic issue for greyhounds and Roy’s teeth hadn’t been well looked after while he was a racer, so the team had their work cut out for them! I was worried on the day because I knew he’d need to have teeth extracted. The clinic called me before Roy went under anesthetic and then during the procedure to update me with his progress as well as afterwards to say he was doing fine, and I could come and pick him up. The clinic has the best dental care equipment meaning Roy’s recovery time was faster and less painful. He came home that afternoon dopey and happy but recovered perfectly for such a big operation. The staff continue to support Roy with follow up appointments and dental care advice. I’m incredibly happy with Roy’s care and treatment and love the team at Toorak Rd Veterinary Clinic. Thank you again for all the love you guys give to Roy! He’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I’m glad other people can see he is such a wonderful boy!
Owner of Roy, Greyhound
Our Toy Schnoodle Rick is 12 years old and has had at least 15 ear infections over his lifetime. When our vet Di first suggested the Total Ear Canal Ablation for both his ears we were very hesitant because it is such a major operation and can be expensive. We actually changed our minds twice before deciding to go ahead with it. Rick had the operations more than a year ago and we are very glad he did and only wish we had it done years earlier. Rick hasn’t had an ear infection since, giving him a better quality of life as well as less money spent on visits to the vet and antibiotics. It is a big decision but I would recommend the operation to anyone whose dog has chronic ear infections.
Owner of Rick, Toy Schnoodle
A little while ago our otherwise healthy and relatively young dog Archie, was experiencing ongoing ear infections which were causing him distress. He has a very feisty nature so administering antibiotics and ear drops over a lengthy period of time was proving to be very awkward and the infections were causing him a lot of discomfort! Dr. Diana Wilson discussed with us the option of surgery, a Total Ear Canal Ablation, to permanently stop the infections occurring. At first it seemed a big decision but after careful family consideration, the surgery seemed the only option to eliminate his discomfort. It was very confronting to collect him after his surgery, as the incision was quite long however after just a few days he was very happy and keen to go for a walk – we used a harness lead so there was no pressure around his head or neck. Pleasingly, his coat grew back quickly as well and now there is little sign of the surgery. Of course there is always cause for concern when surgery is suggested but for Archie, with his temperament and the ongoing ear infections we felt this was the only way to help him. We have been attending Toorak Road Veterinary Clinic for many years and have always found their advice and support invaluable! ​Thank you very much for always providing us with such great care, the vet nursing team is always most helpful too. We really appreciate it.
Owner of Archie, Westie Maltese X
I just wanted to give you some feedback from Fitzy’s recent ‘Anal Gland’ surgery. He is now a different dog! He’s happy & is no longer trying to chew his bottom constantly or dragging himself along the floor. As his owner I didn’t realise how unhappy having yucky anal glands was for him. The first few days after surgery wasn’t pleasant for him but I kept him drugged up with pain relief. After about day 4/5 he got his mojo back & was happy again (even with the elizabethan collar on!). He is now far more settled & back to ruling the roost! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this surgery for other dogs with anal gland problems. Yes the cost is big but the benefits of having a healthy happy dog far outweighs this. Thank you so much to all of your team for taking such good care of Fitzy. He’s a very anxious dog by nature but is becoming more relaxed when he visits you which is down to your incredible happy helpful team.
Owner of Fitzy, Havanese
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