We all enjoy a good getaway. Whether you’re going away for a long holiday or a quick weekend trip, you’ll need someone to look after your beautiful fur babies. To go into any good boarding facility your pets will be required to be up to date with vaccinations which means C5 for dogs and F3 for cats. Additionally, you will need to make sure their flea and intestinal worm treatments are up to date. As always, we are here to help! If you need a certificate printed, emailed or need to come in for an appointment prior to your pet boarding, simply call the clinic and we can arrange it for you.

Whilst the clinic is unable to offer any boarding, we have a few suggestions of where to board your animals when the need arises. These facilities have been used by the staff for their own much loved pets as well!

Vern Ryan’s Pet Resort

Vern Ryan’s is located in Bacchus Marsh, but their fantastic animal attendants are able to pick-up and drop-off your pet to the Toorak Rd Vet Clinic for your convenience. Vern himself is an experienced dog trainer and dog behaviourist, so rest assured your pets will be in good hands with the Vern Ryan’s team. The facility includes various standards of accommodation ranging from standard to executive suites. To maximise your pets comfort, all ‘rooms’ are double bricked, insulated and have heating and cooling. Additionally, all dogs have play times during the day in a large, communal playground! There are brochures for Vern Ryan’s at the clinic, just ask our staff for one when you come in, or you can visit their website for more information!

Corporate Cats

This facility, located in nearby Huntingdale, is owned and operated by an experienced veterinarian, Dr Vicki Whitnall, who often works with us as a locum here at the clinic. The accomodation is heated and spacious. Cats board in large, comfortable kennels and are given lots of love and attention from all staff members. Vicki is also more than happy to organise pickup and drop off directly from the clinic. Vicki’s business card is at our reception desk, and all contact details are also on Corporate Cats website!

Rabbits Board Inside

Rabbits Board Inside provides indoor rabbit & guinea pig boarding. Located in the Yarra Valley, near Lilydale all furry guests are given their own living area, toys and plenty of room to run around. It is owned and run by a qualified Veterinary Nurse, meaning any unforeseen illnesses or injuries can be dealt with immediately and your pets will receive a brilliant quality of care. Drop off and pick up may be available. All pets must be up to date with vaccinations

Willow Woods Buny Boarding

Willow Woods offers boarding, day care and grooming services for rabbits and guinea pigs in Hoppers Crossing. The owners place all income back into the business, using it to purchase supplies, food and bedding for your bunnies and guinea pigs! There is a no vaccination, no entry policy for the facility: documentation/receipt pertaining to calicivirus for rabbits as well as up to date flea/mite treatment. All boarding facilities are indoors with an entire floor dedicated to pens and play areas. For your convenience, bookings can also be made online.

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