Should My Cat Have An Annual Check Up

As a pet owner, it’s a huge responsibility to take care of your furry friend. Taking them for a vet consultation every once in a while is one way to ensure your pet’s health and well-being. In this article, we’ll discuss why these annual check-ups are important and what they entail. Keep reading our article to learn more!

The Importance Of Vet Check-Ups

It’s recommended that cat owners bring their cats to the vet annually for a quick check-up. There are several reasons why these checkups are important. A few of these top reasons are:

1). Early Diagnosis

If it turns out that your cat has an underlying health problem, an annual check-up with the vet can catch this problem sooner rather than later. Getting an early diagnosis of the health problem means there will be a higher chance of resolving it before it becomes too late. For example, if a cat is showing early signs of cancer, then a veterinarian might pick up on these signs. They’ll be able to take quick action to eliminate the condition or improve the symptoms associated with it. 

2). Treatments

Cats should be taken to the vet annually because eventually, they may need a form of treatment. Annual visits allow the vet to become familiar with a cat. As time goes by, they’ll be able to look back at past visits to determine which type of treatment they should be given when the cat does need treatment. 

3). Maintain Overall Health

Annual visits to the vet help your cat maintain overall good health. The last thing a cat owner wants is for their cat’s health to suffer. In many cases, health problems can be prevented in the first place.  

Should My Cat Have An Annual Check Up

What Does A Check Up Entail?

There are multiple possible components of an annual check-up with the vet. The veterinarian will ask you how your cat is doing by inquiring if there have been any changes in your cat’s behaviour or health. Aside from that, an annual check-up will typically consist of:

1). Oral Check-Up

Annual visits will consist of an oral exam. A veterinarian will look for signs of dental diseases or other problems that might affect your cat’s oral health. They will clean your cat’s teeth and provide advice on the upkeep of their oral hygiene. 

2). Joints, Hearing, & Eyes

A cat’s visit to the vet will also consist of having its joints and eyes checked. This is to make sure that the joints and bones are strong and healthy. Meanwhile, an eye exam will determine if the cat’s eyes are in good health or if there are potential problems. A veterinarian may perform hearing tests on the cat, and if there are potential problems with its hearing, then the owner will be informed. 

3). Vaccinations

Cats should be vaccinated, which is why it’s a good idea for owners to bring their cats to the vet on an annual basis. A veterinarian will make sure the cat’s vaccinations are up to date. If they are not, then vaccination can be administered on the spot. 

4). Worms & Fleas

Fleas can be a very common problem. This is especially the case with indoor cats. An annual check-up will involve looking for fleas, providing treatment for flees, as well as treatment for preventing worms. 

Different vets may have different ways of doing things. However, the above is what is typically involved with an annual checkup. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know why it’s important and what a checkup entails, you’ll want to bring your cat down to Toorak Road Veterinary Clinic. We are a highly qualified veterinary clinic that will ensure we take the utmost care of your precious furry friend. 

Please do not hesitate to call us today on (03) 9809 2700 or make an appointment.

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