New Puppy chew Toys

Should I give my new puppy toys to chew? Are there pros and cons that come with doing this? If you want to learn more about whether or not you should give your new furry friend toys that they can chew on, feel free to keep reading today’s blog post! 

Can Puppies Be Given Toys To Chew?

The short answer is yes, it’s alright for new puppies to be given toys to chew. In general, puppies can start chewing toys from 12 weeks on, and usually up to six months old. Giving your new puppy a chew toy is essential during these times as this is when they go through teething stages. 

In these stages, you might find your puppy chewing on anything and everything, from slippers to parts of your furniture. Instead of being left with a huge mess to clean up, you can consider giving your puppy a chew toy that is built to last and gives your puppy a more constructive object to teeth on.

Benefits Of Giving Puppies Chew Toys

There are many benefits of giving a new puppy toys to chew on. The top benefits are: 

  • Eases Pain. New puppies eventually go through a teething phase, which can be incredibly painful for them. This is why giving them a toy to chew on is beneficial. The best toys can actually help puppies relieve pain because they are able to bite down hard on the toys. 
  • Prevents Chewing On Other Things. Perhaps the best thing about giving a new puppy a chew toy is that they will be less inclined to chew on other things they aren’t supposed to be chewing on. This includes clothing, furniture, and other belongings. Many new owners are surprised at what their puppies chew on if they aren’t given chew toys on a regular basis. 
  • Entertainment. Finally, chew toys give puppies a source of entertainment. Puppies need a lot of stimulation throughout the day, including mental stimulation. By giving your puppy a chew toy, they will be entertained for long periods of time. 

New Puppy Chew Toys

Tips For Choosing Toys For A New Puppy

First, choose toys that are an appropriate size. It’s not usually a good idea to give puppies toys that are very small. Small toys can sometimes be accidentally swallowed by a puppy. 

Secondly, pick a toy that isn’t too soft, but not too hard. There are lots of great hard rubber toys out there. There are also toys that are the perfect balance of hard/soft. 

Thirdly, consider toys that are classed as “distraction toys”. For example, there are toys that are filled with treats. These types of toys can keep puppies entertained and distracted for hours on end. In turn, they’ll be less likely to chew on anything else. 

Lastly, be cautious of unnatural ingredients in chew toys, especially those that are digestible, such as hide. Unless it’s made with natural ingredients, then such toys could be potentially harmful to a puppy. This isn’t always the case, but make sure to keep this in mind. 

It’s important to take time to compare as many chew toys as possible. This allows you to find the right chew toy for your new puppy based on their needs.

Final Thoughts

Chew toys are a great option if you want to ease your puppy’s pain from teething, ensure they don’t chew on things they shouldn’t be chewing on, or entertain them for long periods of time. Taking time to choose the right chew toy for your puppy is an essential part of keeping your puppy happy.

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