Update Dog's Microchip

How does a person go about updating their dog’s microchip? Is it a pretty easy process, but what exactly is involved? To find out the answer to these questions and other useful info, please keep reading below. 

Update Details With The Registry 

When a dog is microchipped, the information and details will be registered with a registry. The registry the dog’s microchip is registered with depends on several factors. If an owner is unsure what registry their dog is listed on, then they can visit Petaddress.com.au. Once on the site, the owner can search for registers, but they will need to enter their dog’s microchip number into the search bar. 

The register will need to be contacted once the owner has the dog’s microchip number. Also, the local council might need to be contacted and provided with the details. Whether or not the council needs to be contacted depends on where you’re living. 

Locating The Microchip Number 

The microchip number is pretty easy to find, but it does require the chip to be scanned. All the owner has to do is bring their dog to a veterinary clinic. A vet or a vet nurse will then scan the microchip. It’s important for the owner to write the number down. 

Alternatively, the owner might want to look at their dog’s vet records. There’s a chance the microchip number was saved in the files. The owner will need to call their dog’s vet to request the number, but they may be required to go to the vet in person.

Update Dog's Microchip

When do Do Microchip Details Need To Be Updated?

As a general rule of thumb, a dog’s owner will want to update the details in the event their mobile or house phone number has changed. If the owner has moved to a new address, then they need to update their dog’s microchip. If a new puppy or new dog was purchased, then their details will need to be registered and/or updated. 

Details will need to be updated in the event a dog is sold. If someone buys a dog that has been microchipped, but the chip has not been updated with the current details, then this can lead to a number of potential problems. This is the last thing anybody wants. 

The Importance Of Updating A Dog’s Microchip 

It is extremely important for a dog to be microchipped, but it’s equally important for details to be up to date. If the owner’s dog were to become lost or if they escape from the yard, then a microchip will increase the chances of the dog being returned to the owner. If the details are wrong, then this can make finding the owners much more difficult.  

What Happens If A Dog’s Chip Isn’t Updated?

If a dog is found wandering the streets and they are not microchipped or if the details are wrong, then a number of things might happen. A few attempts to find the owner may be one of the things that are done. However, in the worst-case scenario, the dog might be put up for adoption or it could even be euthanised. 

Final Thoughts

For those of you who have a dog that has been microchipped, it’s important to keep their info updated. The last thing anyone wants is to lose their pet, and not know where they are or not get them back. If anyone has any questions about microchipping, or if you want to have your dog microchipped, then feel free to contact Toorak Road Vet Clinic. The experts at Toorak Road Vet Clinic are standing by to assist you.

Please do not hesitate to call us today on (03) 9809 2700 or make an appointment.


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